Low power laser manufacturers have lots of ways to justify why their product is the best but the overall market agrees that power is the single most important factor in determining the efficacy of cold lasers. With the exception of some class 4 lasers (which might have the capability to burn tissue if used incorrectly more power is better because it allows practitioners to give patients higher dosage when it is appropriate. Many laser manufacturers have a doctor on staff who can write a recommendation letter to make sure that each buyer is getting supervision and training. Power, lasers come is classes 1 through 4: Class 1 2 lasers are can be purchased for use at home over-the-counter for use on humans and they have a maximum power of 5mW continuous per diode. Several manufacturers make higher power lasers that qualify as a class 1 or 2 by pulsing the laser. Without a recommendation for a health care provider like the ones listed above, a pulsing laser is the best option. Just don't waste your time buying anything that looks like a laser pointer.

class 4 laser therapy reviews priority. At this point, it appears that all the wavelengths are appropriate for treating structural or cellular damage. Much of the misinformation about cold lasers is related to power levels and how they affect the safety and effectiveness of the product.

The majority of therapeutic lasers are used to treat damaged lift tissue and structural (bone, joint and ligament) problems but the use of laser to treat trigger points, acupoints and lymph nodes is rapidly growing. Most therapeutic cold lasers have a treatment area between the size of a quarter to the size of a silver dollar but systems created for trigger point and acupoint therapy focus the energy into a concentrated beam. Cold lasers are cleared for pain reduction, inflammation reduction and increasing blood flow. The main 3 specs that people use to compare systems are: Power (measured in milliwatts mW for class 1-3b and watts W for class 4 systems). Wavelength (measured in nanometers nm pulsing Options ( some systems are continuous wave cw only, some are pulsing only, some are both). These variables control the quality of light (measured in joules for power and hz for pulsing) administered to the treatment area. In general, a laser's ability to successfully treat a wide variety of conditions is mostly based on output power at an appropriate wavelength with some contribution added from pulsing. In general, the addition of pulsing to laser therapy reduces how quickly you build up the energy dosage but for a fixed treatment time, the addition of pulsing makes up for the lower dosage and then some. The best option is to set the laser on pulsing and increase the treatment time to achieve the same dosage. Most of the scientific research is focused on dosage (which is the total energy put into the treatment area). There is less emphasis in the research on using exotic wavelengths and pulsing frequencies but there is still some evidence that it is important too.

class 4 laser therapy reviews

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This guide was created to combat some of misinformation on the web about cold lasers and Photobiomodulation (PBM). This is a no-nonsense guide to cold lasers and high dosage lasers ranging from low-cost home system to high-end systems for practitioners. You can use this guide in conjunction with our therapy laser comparison table to see most of the major players in the cold laser market and how they stack up based on specs and prices. There are over 4000 clinical studies and hundreds of books, video and other resources showing the effectiveness of laser therapy that you can search using the research tool. There are over 200,000 health vette care providers using cold lasers in their practice and over 750,000 laser users so laser therapy is not an "experimental" therapy as the insurance companies like to say when they deny a claim for a laser. Even though, most tradition MDs stay away from laser therapy, they are widely used by chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapist, herbalist, function medicine specialist, vets, dentist, podiatrist and many other health care providers that focus on root health care corrections versus coping with the symptoms. Although lasers are not a cure all, there should be little doubt that cold lasers are effective in treating nivea a wide variety of problems.

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class 4 laser therapy reviews

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class 4 laser therapy reviews

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Class 4 laser therapy reviews
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