Greek and then Arab medical authorities continued these practices, and went on to use alum for the treatment of leprosy, bad gums, pustules and ear trouble. The alums are valuable in paper manufacturing, textile dyeing, fireproofing, water purification, and in medicine as astringents, styptics and emetics. The Alum mountain, in Bulahdelah, australia, is the only known above-ground outcrop of alum stone (alunite) in the world. Using shabba deodorant stones is considered safe and will not cause high levels of aluminum in your system. This is because potassium alum molecules have a negative ionic charge, and the aluminum is unable to pass through cell walls. Bauxite, the ore from which alum is drawn, can be purified and converted directly into alum.

herbal store in saudi arabia to the underarms, it acts as a deodorant. Alum is not ingested, nor is it used in cooking. In ancient Babylon, physicians used alum in a mouthwash, as a styptic, as a pessary for menorrhagia, as a nasal douche, and as a treatment for itchy scabs, gonorrhea and purulent ophthalmia.

These fascinating items whisper tales of the ancient trade routes, for many still come to Arabia from India, china, indonesia, egypt, syria and other exotic locations, and are distributed across the peninsula through existing commercial face networks. Others are harvested locally, some under harsh desert conditions, and have their own fascinating stories to tell. The people of the Arabian Peninsula have, for centuries, combined goods obtained by trade and barter with a prudent use of local plants and have developed a rich heritage of folk medicine. Many of the natural remedies presented here are the result of a questionnaire distributed throughout the Arabian Peninsula in early 2002. The questionnaire, printed in both Arabic and English, asked families to explain how they, as well as their mothers and grandmothers, use various herbs, spices and other substances in natural healing. It also requested specific remedies for conditions such as headache, colds and coughs, sore throats, hair loss, general fatigue, childbirth and. We present their generous responses, which have helped to unlock many of the mysteries of local medicinal herb shops and reveal unique insights into the natural remedies of Arabia. Arabic: Shabba, shabb ; Other English: Potassium Alum, potash Alum. First-time visitors to middle eastern markets may be puzzled to see piles of stones displayed prominently among the herbs and spices. One of them is alum, a crystal-white mineral often imported from China.

herbal store in saudi arabia

Herbal /Traditional Products in, saudi, arabia

Lebling and Donna pepperdine. Photographed by donna pepperdine, excerpted with permission from, natural Remedies of Arabia. 2006, Al-Turath/Stacey international, (North America: Interlink books, dieet m ). Hether you are in Doha, dubai, manama, salalah, jiddah or an obscure country village, when you step into an herbal medicine shop or wander through the traditional suqs (markets you will find vendors of herbs, spices, bark, twigs, rocks and salt intended for culinary, cosmetic. As you gaze at the piles of twisted bark or the varied combinations of dried flowers, you may wonder: What are these products? Where do they come from? How are they used locally?

Herbal/Traditional Products in saudi Arabia

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Herbal store in saudi arabia
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