Use a toner containing totarol (from Totara tree, which is antimicrobial). This closes pores and restores the skins natural. Use a moisturizer, preferably containing hyaluronic acid which deeply moisturizes the skin. Load the rest of the article.

homemade face mask for pores and blackheads water. Besides these treatments, remember that to get rid of blackheads is very important to follow skin care routine. Meets three steps: Cleanse the skin thoroughly, preferably with a lotion that contains salicylic acid, which helps treat and prevent blackheads. It has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory role as well.

Flour best and honey mask. You can make your own strips to remove blackheads. You need the following ingredients : 1 tablespoon of flour, 1 teaspoon of warm water and 1/2 teaspoon honey. Mix the ingredients and add more water if needed. This mixture should be sticky. Take a square post-it and cut it into 3 strips. Apply the glue on one side of the strip, then stick the tape to remove blackheads on the problem area. After 10 minutes, the glue should be dry. It is time to remove the tape and say goodbye to blackheads! Facial mask using honey and cinnamon. This mask will gently exfoliate the skin, will remove any sebum and dead skin covering pores and contribute to cell regeneration.

homemade face mask for pores and blackheads

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Regardless of age and how much you care for your skin, blackheads can occur to anyone, and are unsightly. If you are struggling with this frequently issue, here are a hands few homemade facial masks based on products from your kitchen, that can help you get rid of blackheads. Steam bath once a week. Steam baths are excellent for skin, as it opens the pores and deep cleanse them of all dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. After a steam bath for 15 minutes, blackheads will be more easy to extract, the pores will close and the skin will be more supple and smoother. Baking soda is a very effective and inexpensive solution both for treating acne and for removing blackheads. What you need is: 1 Tablespoon of baking and a few drops of water. You get a thick paste. Apply it in the blackheads areas and after 10 minutes rinse your face with warm water.

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homemade face mask for pores and blackheads

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opleiding homemade face mask for pores and blackheads

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Homemade face mask for pores and blackheads
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