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, united States Congress house. (Though, it feels sexy to get into one). "What were these odd-sounding things?" I wondered. " i also spoke to him. "Africans outraged over nivea skin-lightening moisturiser ad".

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The new (as of 2006) marathon course spends most of its time away from the city and out in the northern countryside, taking a tour of the spring foliage. Pennsylvania calls its rhododendrons "mountain laurels" and has a huge annual festival to celebrate them; Olympia would do well to promote a similar festival by handing out copies of the marathon course to cyclists and tourists who want to experience the best of the rhododendron. One of the more unique marathons in North America. Only in our Jan/Feb issue joes journal Pacesetter paul. A tradition ends in one way and continues in another this month. Many previous year-opening issues contained essays by paul reese. The last one ran posthumously in early 2006.

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Subscribe capital City marathon A low-key marathon in an out-of-the-way capital. In 1984 the wrinkles first. Womens Olympic Marathon Trials were held at—appropriately enough—Olympia, washington. It was the scene of joan Benoits miraculous comeback after major knee surgery, where she won the Trials less than three weeks after arthroscopic surgery. More miraculously, the plucky benoit went on to win the first womens Olympic Marathon at Los Angeles. Olympia, the capital of Washington State, seems an out-of-the-way place for a marathon, sandwiched as it is between two major West coast marathons, portland and seattle.

Even more surprising is the fact that although the race starts and ends in the middle of downtown Olympia, most of the course is rural and rolling. Olympia, like other state capitals in smaller cities than the states biggies, is pleasant (benefiting from the array of state buildings and state-financed maintenance that goes with them) and easy to get around. (take the state capitals of all three of the west coast states. Washingtons isnt seattle or Spokane, but Olympia; Oregons isnt Portland, but Salem; Californias isnt Los Angeles or San Francisco, but Sacramento.) Olympia white has a population of only 44,000 and is located at the lowest edge of the states generous mÃlange of inland coastal waterways that. Interstate 5 passes through Olympia on its way north to seattle, so there is easy road access; and Olympia is where scenic Highway 101 splits off from I-5 and heads north and west up into the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Within a few miles, a driver—or a runner—can be away from the white noise of I-5 and the modest downtown of Olympia and into the countryside where, during the may running of the marathon, the predominating impression you get of the area is that. Every residents front yard seems to compete with the next in showcasing rhododendrons of all colors and hues.

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Having run more marathons than I can count on my fingers and blistered toes, i need only one thumb to count the number of races where i got the pace right (Chicago 2003, a 1:50/1:48 negative split). Despite this dismal record of prognostication, i yet again took leave of good running sense in the 2005 koâšice peace marathon (KPM). However, before i describe and try to rationalize my latest lapse in logical thinking (and sound running practice let me first give some background about the kpm, for I suspect that most runners have not heard much about this historic race (one exception being Hal. Few marathons can offer a runner more tradition, in a country of great beauty, than the kpm. Set in eastern Slovakia, approximately equal distance from Krakow and Budapest, on a rough north-south line, koâšice is a thousand-year-old city (first written record is from 1230) that annually hosts the worlds second-oldest marathon (established in 1924).

While the kpm is relatively unknown today in the United States, the race, the city, and the region have much to offer a runner seeking a fast, flat course for a fall marathon. Koâšices location in the mountains of eastern Slovakia invites the visitor to travel from the countrys capital of Bratislava by train on a cross-country trip, a sort of brief Orient Express through a changing vista of villages, thick woods, mountains, and river valleys guarded. A tempting option on this trip is a stop in the high Tatras, with 25 peaks over 2,500 meters, for some vigorous prerace mountain training or some postrace sight-seeing and relaxation. Another good choice is a visit to the nearby Slovenskã raj National Park, with miles of marked hiking trails and many waterfalls. Once in koâšice, a modern city of 250,000 people surrounding a charming historic center, the visiting runner and party will find excellent and reasonably priced accommodations (one option is a race-sponsored youth hostel convenient public transportation, and a variety of musical, artistic, and culinary activities. Continued in our Jan/Feb issue i want this issue delivered right to my house.

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The meniscus is a crescent-shaped piece of cartilage in the knee joint, and it can tear during weight-bearing, twisting activities—soccer, tennis, face basketball. It can also tear, so it seemed, from four decades of running. Or maybe menisci dont like serious gardening, which ive been known. Whatever the reason, a persistent pain in my right knee was eventually diagnosed as a complex tear of the meniscus. And well before diagnosis, hobbled by relentless knee pain, my running had come to an abrupt halt. My most Unforgettable Ultramarathon (And What i learned From It) 2005 koâšice peace marathon koâšice, slovakia, october 2, 2005—Selecting the starting pace for a marathon should not be a difficult calculation. A formula such.25 times your half-marathon pace (in minutes per kilometer) plus or minus.5 (minutes per kilometer depending upon the level of preparation, appears in most training guides. But in my experience, it is as difficult to calculate (and stick to) the proper starting pace as it is—anytime after 20 miles—to determine the finishing pace needed laserontharing to meet an often steadily receding finishing time. Problems late in a race are well documented, but their genesis is frequently in prerace planning, which in my case is not very good.

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Being in the midst of thousands of runners as they began their weave through the wounded city seemed comforting in a way thats hard to explain. The crowds cheered us on, but they could just as well have been coaxing New York back to its feet. It was a powerful experience and could have served as a fitting final chapter to my marathoning history. After nearly 50 marathons, where better to call it a day than at the finish line. Central Park, the pacific-green heart of the city that changed forever, and the world with it, on that sad morning in September? Apt or not, though, i had no plan to retire from marathoning in the fall of 2001. The specter of forced retirement make would come later, and it would have nothing to do with geopolitics. It had to do with faulty menisci.

On the road with Don Kardong. Travel with Don as he shares his view from inside the world of long-distance running. Im back vette in the marathon saddle again. Not just because ive agreed to write a regular column for Marathon beyond, but because i am actually, really and truly, after many a misstep and backslide, back on course to run another marathon. My last marathon was New York city in november 2001, a week after completing the marine corps Marathon. Running those two marathons a week apart was a kind of personal response to the 9/11 tragedy, a show of support, if you will, for the two cities that had been attacked. Crossing the verrazano-narrows Bridge and seeing empty space where the world. Trade center had been is something Ill never forget.

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Volume 11 number 1 january/February 2007. Departments, editorial, an Experiment of One,. George Sheehan, runnings mad monk and philosopher, used to claim that each of us who runs long distances antivirus is an experiment of one: sort of a mobile science experiment run amok, where we learn as much from personal observations, consulting our running journals, and from. George, in his way, was wonderfully retro. He got runners back. Scientists wanted to put runners in a lab, on a treadmill, hooked up to wires and hoses. The first running boom hit, and george directed marathon runners in one direction and scientists in another. And sometimes the runners went both ways at once. Continued in our Jan/Feb issue.

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