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Awesome product, by zoila. Painer on February 12, 2017. I have fibromyalgia and crps, complex regional pain syndrome. I don't know why i didn't think of using a massager before. It's great on anything! I try not to leave it plugged for no more than 20 minutes, or when the light on the plug and unit both have a green light. With the long handle, there's almost no place that you can't get too.

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Very happy with this make product since i'm a donde fitness instructor and teach classes every day. It helps get all the knots out of my muscles and is a great stress reliever. March 2017, i had surgery in Feb. 16 2017 and was struggling with recovering but after using the pure wave i was feeling better and started to get some mobility back. Once i'm fully healed I look forward to testing the pure wave after my workouts for I'm sure it won't fail me to not be so sore the day after.

Read More google reviews, amazon reviews. Excellent post-workout pain reliever, by gail Cosgroveon on June 06, 2017. Who doesnt enjoy a great workout? But maybe not the next day when muscles revolt! This tool goes deep and makes all the aches go away.

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As soon as I received my my pure wave i charged. My husband did my entire back and it was like i could feel the blood or oxygen flowing again! Sleep like a baby! Finally something worth having! March 2017, the 5 star chart is actually not a viable scale.

It should have 10 stars as this massager is truly the best on the market. I purchased the cm-07 and due to bad knees my legs ache so bad I can't sleep without a massage. I have honestly spend hundreds of dollars on other massage devices and this unit by far is the best on the market. It's longer so it reaches my back better and the multiple attachments give me many options for relief. The cm-07 is the real deal. For anyone with pain don't look beyond this site. Donna bella, march 2017, love this massager. Me and my husband have used it every day since it came in the mail!

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Its very simple to use and I recommend it to everybody. Recently i had a back strainfrom overuse, over training. When Im performing its a strenuous performance. Being able to recover from that nutrilite is really important. I love the fact that Pure wave is lightweight cordless and very powerful. Really what it does is it helps me to relax and elongate a little further, so that my muscles arent contracting as I get deeper into the stretch. Pure wave is making my life so much better. I would recommend Pure wave to anyone. Google reviews, ben Stephenson, march 2017, my muscles were so tight and hurting from Fibromyalgia.

padousa reviews

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Its good for at home maintenance when youre not able to see a massage therapist. Denny patel, dpt, serum cscs, the challenge that we face in the new environment in the health care field is managed care. Meaning we have to get them better faster. So we need to find ways that we can adjunct our therapy at home. The pure wave is excellent for that. We work on them on Monday and they can use it at home on tuesday and Wednesday. I think its fantastic. They can help relieve their tension in their neck their back, whatever. .

It helps with the adjustments. It relaxes the muscles almost immediately. . i also like the fact that it has different attachments to use on different areas of the body. This is a great added benefit for them to continue their therapy uitslag at homeIts definitely safe and effective. Laura jenkins, lmt, the goal of massage therapy is to release tension in the muscles and get them back to their normalized state. What I love about the pure wave is the versatility. Theres literally an attachment for every body type. . Its great for the in between times when youre not with a therapist.

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Naturally, we believe pure wave is the best personal massager on the market today. But dont take our word for. After thousands of customer reviews, pure wave is now the worlds highest-rated percussion massager. Our customers are our best spokespeople. So get online, read the reviews and let the stars be your guide. I slapen love the pure-wave. As soon as I saw it i knew I wanted to try it on my patients.

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