Key ingredients immune complex - an amino acid derivative which protects cells, specifically protector cells of the skin's immune system and youthful appearance atp-actinergie - stores and delivers essential energy for younger looking skin. Benefits: Wrinkles are smoother.2 skin is firmer.5 Dark spots are reduced skin is radiant your response: Enter the security code.

yonka galbol 90 : - targets skin with lack of tone - contains hops, yarrow, white nettle, rosemary and sage, which will bring a firming, astringent action to the skin - is the best friend of Phyto. Elastine jour: - contains 2 hydrolyzed elastin to help stimulate the production of elastin - enriched with shea butter to impart nourishing, protecting and regenerating properties to the skin - does not contain essential oils for those that prefer a more sublte scent Phyto. John's Wort, will soften and regenerate skin - its delicate and fluid texture allows great protection that even an oily skin will appreciate spf 20 - spray solaire: - contains titanium dioxide to reflect uva uvb rays - olive polyphenols provide excellent antioxidant protection. John's Wort Prolongateur de Bronzage: - prolongs the tan as it progressively colors the skin with an even finish - enhances the tan by leaving a subtle, shimmery radiant veil on the skin - provides exceptional hydration and antioxidant protection Auto-Bronzant: - leaves the skin. Skin type: Anti- aging Treatment when to use: Apply daily morning and evening to the whole face for a more youthful looking skin.

Immune complex - an amino acid derivative which protects cells, specifically protector cells of the ikea skin's immune system and ervaringen youthful appearance. Atp-actinergie - stores and delivers essential energy for younger looking skin. Cellular Life complex - supplies the elements required for healthy regeneration of the skin. Vitamin c - anti-free radicals and brightening, helps prevent and remove dark spots. Benefits: Wrinkles are smoother.2, skin is firmer.5, dark spots are reduced. Skin is radiant, your response: Enter the security code: -eye make-up remover -brings the skin back to balance. Gel Nettoyant: - cleanses normal, combination or oily skin without any unpleasant stripping sensation - conditions the skin as it cleanses and maintains the skin's protective hydrolipidic barrier - is a must for those who prefer soap due to it's gentle foaming action. Nettoyant Creme: - cleanses and refreshes the skin thanks to a hint of peppermint - suitable for all skin types; its creamy texture is well appreciated by sensitive, irritated or dry skin -excellent shaving cream for those with sensitive skin. Lotion nos ds: - these alcohol free lotions actually stabilize the skin - quenches the skin to allow improved absorption of actives - restores the skin's natural barrier function. Masque 103 105: - purifying, clairifying clay mask that contain YonKa's marvelous quintessesnce - aid in addressing an uneven complexion, refine the appearance of enlarged pores along with diffuse redness - 21 options to customize these masks to address all needs.

yonka galbol 90

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March 30th, 2017 posted by california sun spa. Permalink, creme age summum, age summum Cream helps restore the skin's defenses against the effects of aging, while improving the appearance, resulting in a nutrilite firmer and more youthful skin tone. Premier Anti-Aging Immunity face Cream smooths wrinkles, firms the skin, reduces dark spots and makes the skin radiant. As we age, the face begin to show signs of aging. The immune system slows down as well as cell activity and cell renewal. The creme's immune complex protects the langerhand cells which defend the integrity of the dermal matrix, protect the collagen and elastin and ensure good cell cohesion. After 6 days of application, Creme Age summum increased the protection of Langerhans cells by 74, suggesting an improvement in cell immunity. Skin type: Anti- aging Treatment, when to use: Apply daily morning and evening to the whole face for a tree more youthful looking skin.

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yonka galbol 90

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yonka galbol 90

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