lettuce, batavian crisphead. Mache, vert de cambrai corn Salad,. Mustard, red giant. onion, bunching, evergreen hardy white. parsley, dark green Italian(plain leaf). Pepper Jalapeno, early, hot.

goji berry cuttings

Arugula, dior rocket, Greens, salad. Bean, Dragon tongue, wax. Broccoli, de cicco. Chard, fordhook giant. Cilantro (Coriander, Chinese parsley). cucumber, boston pickling. cucumber, white wonder. kale, even star smooth. leek, american flag. Lettuce Arctic King, butterhead. Lettuce ben Shemen, butterhead.

goji berry cuttings

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I added this the other day to face another seed exhange group'. Here is a first draft for our list. Compiled from what was ordered/planted last year and some of whats been harvested. All are from either bountiful-Gardens or southern seed Exchange and a few friends. Some may not still be available i'll have to check a few but 90 should. I have very few of each type so i'm proposing small trades of 5-seeds for any given type unless otherwise marked, and maybe 4 varieties at a time to make it sensible i'm interested in anything not on the list that will grow. Especially samsung perennials,medicinals,herbs,and unusual also have cuttings of grape,goji, and hardy kiwi(female) im trying to root. Any berry cuttings would be great! Amaranth,red, tall(8) (plenty seed saved ).

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goji berry cuttings

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Growing guide growing notes. If you decide to grow peppermint, you will find that there are many uses for your plant. Peppermint makes an excellent tea, and adds. Also called American Golden Russet apple. Tree peeling bears medium-sized, stockists yellow-gold russeted fruit, ideal for cider and juice. America's favorite grape — available in a seedless form for easy eating. If you love grape juice, then you love concords!

goji berry cuttings

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A single plant is plenty for a small garden, as it will quickly spread to fill its allotted space. Choose a sunny location with moderately fertile, humusy soil. Use vina a light mulch to retain moisture and keep leaves clean.

Sow the peppermint seeds approximately 1/2-to 1/8-inch deep, anytime from may through July. Keep the soil moist but not wet constantly. Thin the plants when they are approximately 2 inches high. Transplant the seedlings about 12 inches apart. Harvest the peppermint when the plants are about 12 inches tall. Pick the larger outside leaves as the plant grows to encourage more leaf growth. Maintaining, mint can be terribly invasive, particularly in rich, moist soil. To keep it from overtaking your yard, confine it to a bed with edging of metal or plastic. Bury edging to a depth of 14 inches around the perimeter of the mint patch, or simply grow underarm the plants it in pots.

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Divisions cuttings 21 days 60-70f 2 years, rich Well Drained, full 18" apart 18" apart 75 days, growing guide. Growing notes, if you decide to grow peppermint, you will find that there are many uses for your plant. Peppermint makes an excellent tea, and adds flavor to many foods. It is also very good for digestive problems. The oil from the peppermint plant can be rubbed on your forehead and temples to relieve a benefits headache. Your peppermint plants will make a nice addition to your herb garden. Read on to learn how to grow peppermint. Choose a location that is partly sunny and partly shady, and prep the soil.

Goji berry cuttings
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