You'll learn the one exercise to target the upper glutes which most girls miss. You'll discover the 3 key glute activation techniques that will help you recruit more glute muscles and help prevent injuries. Barbell Hip thrust is taking over from squats as the go-to glute exercise. Janet provides step by step instructions on proper form and weight. Do these wrong and you may cause more harm than good. Janet reveals the one change she makes on her bridging exercise to get a better core activation.

bikinilijn cheat sheet is all you will need to build on the exact nutrition requirements you need to succeed. Training Program Highlights: Here's a break-down of some of the things you'll learn in this trainer.

Ab Instructional Videos, adding variety to your ab core fine exercises is critical to stay motivated and on track. Thats why janet reveals 10 ad exercises, with subtle variations, that you can rotate to keep you on track. Along with a demonstration of each technique, youll get tips on proper form and how to add variations to your ab program. Shoulder exercises are the most overlooked and under utilized exercises in achieving a full upper body shape. As part of Janets 8 exercise series, youll get precise instructions on exercises and preventative movements that will keep your shoulders healthy and injury free throughout your training program. Bonus: Janets Custom Training week schedule. Need a simple and straight forward way to add the exercises into your training program? Janet provides her laser focused training week exercise schedule. See how she sets up the exercises, the reps and sets for each day. Get the exact schedule from one of the top competitive bikini models in the world.


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Featured Article, thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 6,228,115 times. Did this article help you? Ifbb bikini Pro reveals The Only 34 Exercises you'll need to shape tone your Glutes, Abs shoulders. Learn The Essential Exercises 4 - time Champion Janet layug vette Uses to shape Up maintain a bikini body. Introducing: take your training to the next level, or learn the proper techniques and exercises to get started. Regardless of your training situation, learn how Janet layug has won 4 ifbb bikini competitions over the last 2 years. The step-by-step video instructions provide the best way to develop muscle tone and reduce risk of injury. Glute Instructional Videos, in this section, youll find 16 specific glute training exercises Janet has used to help win the Arnold Classic Australia. Whether youre serious about your fitness or just getting started, youll get access to step by step instructions on the top 16 glute exercises you need.

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