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gentleman's gazette white tie

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The clasp should also be simple. Wearing one with an oversized buckle or a strap that has logos on the clasp can cause your watch to stand out and prevent it from fitting comfortably under the cuff of your shirt. Simple and thin yet elegant Pocket Watches A pocket watch is ideally the style of timepiece one should wear when attending a formal affair. It is discreetly hidden in the pocket and save the fob and chain; its unnoticeable to others around you. Also, its far easier to find a tasteful pocket watch at a reasonable price then it is to find a watch that will match your attire. When selecting a pocket watch, you want to ensure you follow the same rules as a wrist watch. It should be elegant and understated.

gentleman's gazette white tie

Ideally, its wise to wear a originele slim timepiece. The smaller and less obtrusive the watch, the more appropriate it is to wear. Always perform a cuff test before going out. Make sure the watch isnt so big that it doesnt comfortably slide under the cuff of your shirt and jacket. A contemporary yet appropriate watch for black tie from a lange and Sohne The Strap For evening watches that are worn with black tie, a metal, rubber or nylon bracelet is inappropriate.

When wearing a timepiece with a tuxedo, you should ensure it has a simple black leather strap that fits well. The strap shouldnt dames be colorful, glossy or noticeable. The idea is that no one will notice youre wearing a watch. While lizard and alligator straps can be very elegant, this isnt the time to wear them. Stick with something such as a calfskin or move into an exotic if its understated.

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In other words, a white or cream dial is perfect for the office, whereas you may want to choose a black or midnight blue watch for the evening. Since black tie requires you to wear a tuxedo, we suggest to match the color of your watch with your jacket. The dial of the watch should also meet the following requirements: Roman numerals or markers instead of numbers are more elegant and formal. The watch should match the hardware of your cufflinks and studs. In other words, if your cufflinks have a yellow gold border and backing, you can wear a yellow gold watch provided its understated. You can also match the metal of your timepiece to other metal on you such as any rings you wear, your eyeglasses, etc.

The dial should be simple, elegant and understated. This isnt the time to wear chronographs, day-dates or world timers. However, you can get away with wearing a moon phase complication. The size of the watch should always be small and fit your wrist well. Despite the trends, wearing an oversized watch is not a wise idea for black tie. Try and avoid watches that glow in the dark. This can be especially distracting when attending the theater or other events where the lights over you are dimmed or completely out.

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Make sure your watch has no audible alarms, tones or chimes. It should be silent and without any complications. Especially if youre at a dinner, the theatre or an event where youre part of an audience. Check the time as infrequently as possible being certain never to glance at your watch mid conversation. Some men often argue that in modern times, there is no need to wear a watch with a tuxedo as you can check your cell phone. However, i would argue that a quick nederland glance at your wristwatch is far more appropriate than pulling out your cell phone. For more information on the subject see our cell phone etiquette guide, how to select the perfect evening Watch A more modern evening watch from a lange sohne The dial An evening watch is very similar to a dress watch, and yet its slightly more. The standard rule of thumb is to match the face of the watch with the time of day.

gentleman's gazette white tie

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A black silk bow tie, a white linen pocket square, a boutonniere is optional but provides an elegant base look. Black over the calf silk dress socks. Black patent leather pumps or oxfords, evening Watch Etiquette, if you do decide to wear a timepiece with your dinner jacket, weve put together a more modern list of rules to follow. Ensure that your watch is formal. If you would wear it to the beach, dont wear it in the evening. If you dont have the perfect evening watch, dont wear one. If you must check the time, do so inconspicuously by excusing yourself and going to the restroom, or a quiet area of the establishment such as an empty hallway or even outside. Wear the watch on your left wrist so when you shake hands, it wont be noticed as, your cuff rides. Whenever possible, wear a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch.

I attend a black tie affair once a month, and its safe to nivea say that the traditional rule of not wearing your watch is now antiquated. Have you watched this video yet? Therefore, were going to discuss how to wear a watch with black tie the proper way. James Bond wearing a dive watch with a tuxedo. What is Black tie, black tie is the second most formal dress code next to white tie and is worn exclusively for evening affairs that begin after. For gentlemen, there are a few core elements that one adheres to when attending a black tie event: A black dinner jacket with silk facings on a shawl or peak lapel. Matching trousers with a single braid covering the outer seams, uncuffed and worn with braces. A black waistcoat or cummerbund, a tuxedo shirt with French cuffs and a turndown or winged standing collar.

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Pairing the right timepiece with a dinner jacket is one of the most difficult tasks a gentleman has if he chooses to wear a watch to a black tie affair. For many men, this is because they have a limited selection of watches to choose from. For others, its the task of having to select a timepiece thats appropriate, elegant and pairs harmoniously with a tuxedo. Far too often, we see men adopting the 007 stances of wearing a dive watch with their tuxedo or a timepiece that is far too casual for an evening out on the town. A century ago one should never wear a wrist watch with a dinner jacket. The idea behind it was that your online sole focus should be on the host and other guests, not on the time. Looking down at your watch was an indicator that you had another place.

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