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Optitoken is designed to give holders exposure to 24/7 algorithmic trading, offering access to skills that take years to learn through holding a token. However, we encourage people to. Try it out, keep an eye on opti and if you like our progress then join the community! What is the formula used for trading? Optitoken uses a constantly occurring gain percentage amount to signal a sell into any token(s) in the basket that meets a criteria of being oversold. This too is based off of recurring downward price patterns that are identified and adjusted as the market evolved and adapts. If no buy criteria is met and 2 or more sell signals occur for any token, then a portion is sold into a stable intermediary, which for now is the euro, to ride out volatility or to hold the value constant until the next buy. If certain conditions are met than conservative leveraged trades may, or may not, execute on certain tokens in certain situations to further protect or benefit the Optitoken portfolio.

ontstoken oogwit

Lastly a raise.100.000 or more 98 toward fund and 2 toward operational costs. The reason that the sliding scale also is effective is that it weighs the increasing amount of work and new hires legal and custodial services that will be required as the the funds initial holdings increases through the token sale. Roadmap q testing trading strategies and gathering data for use in algorithm. initial team assembled: developer, project manager, one quant and legal team. launch of website, initial press release, marketing nekklachten strategies. launch of social media vervangen channels for community building.

Q1/Q Start development of algorithm software - beta launch on exchange(s) with of initial funds. further work and optimizing of algorithm and security. alpha interface launch on exchange(s) q purchase tokens phase on exchange(s) for buy pressure of Optitoken with profits. Addition of remaining ito funds to the portfolio. creation and testing.0 user interfaces. test integration of machine learning. Sean Donato ceo, marketing analytics John degiacomi business Manager asset Pricing Alex Labarces Full-Stack, automation, machine learning Sebastian Richard Full-Stack developer Felipe Ospina Graphic Design Abdel Affo automation machine learning John Mosquera Exchange relations seungjin Oh Business development - asia vlad Guriev community manager Petra.

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All leftover tokens that are not sold will be destroyed. Through the implementation of strategic scarcity, optitoken will actually have a negative emission rate. Initial coin Offering week 1 and 2 20m tokens.12 each: Fully subscribed 2,4 million week 3 and 4 36m tokens available.15 each: Fully subscribed 5,4 million week 5 and 6 40m tokens available.18 each: Fully subscribed 7,2 million week. All options subject to time and supply constraints whichever executes first. Token Distribution Public sale: 70 team: 14 Future development talent: 4 Investors:.5 bounty and Airdrop: 5 Advisors consultants:.5 Legal: 1 Security: 1 team tokens will vest over 12 months via a smart contract to align team incentives with ico participants.

Ico fund Utilization raise of 225,000 - 235.000 76 toward fund and 24 toward costs raise of 236.000 - 500.000 79 toward fund and 21 toward operational costs. Raise of 501.000 - 750.000 82 toward fund and 18 toward start-up costs. Raise of 751.000 -.000.000 85 toward fund and 15 toward start-up costs. Raise.100.000 -.000.000 88 toward fund and 12 toward operational costs. Raise.100.000 -.500.000 92 toward fund and 8 toward operational costs. Raise.600.000 -.000.000 95 toward fund and 5 toward operational costs. Raise.100.000 -.000.000 96 toward fund and 4 toward operational costs. Raise.100.000 -.000.000 97 toward fund and 3 toward operational costs.

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Js you should be able to see live information regarding the opti portfolio on Bitfinex with amounts, currencies and their values in usd and btc, as well as the type of exchange. Note: This lycium will only work if you have the correct api keys for opti on Bitfinex. Contact the opti team in case you are interested in developing your own integrations. We would like to offer the api keys publicly, but due to throttling issues that may occur by massive use, we are forced to limit their access. To reward early investors we are offering 44 million opti tokens.21 each. After registering you will be given a referral link which you can access on your dashboard. Share it with your contacts and get a 10 bonus for each of their buys! Initial coin Offering General information Sale period: Q2 2018 token Type: erc20, Ethereum Blockchain Maximum Supply : 280,000,000 opti available for Purchase: 196,000,000 opti hard underarm Cap: 24,000,000 euro soft Cap: 225,000 euro Emission rate no new coins will be created or mined after the ico.

ontstoken oogwit

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Exchange xrp.56278. Exchange omg.43592. Exchange spk 11640.0177 2179. Margin usd.2725.2725. Margin For transpanrency and public accountability, we offer live access to opti balances portugal and currency portfolio to developers and community members. Connect through opti's Bitfinex api instructions After setting up Nodejs in your system, clone the repository: git clone t Then run the data. Js file: node data.

Exchange, zec.7636767. Exchange aziatische dat 3638.727 356.595246. Exchange lrc 1016.04384 954. Exchange mna 5892.138 1103. Exchange usd.3635.3635. Exchange xmr.175437. Exchange ltc.261027. Margin eos.085 1060.989345. Exchange etp.72.64568.

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Optitoken, most people have a very hard time profiting when trading cryptocurrencies. This type of trading is highly complicated due to volatility and manipulation. Newcomers regularly lose money, as they are led by emotions and follow passing trends as opposed to buying low and selling high or using more complex trading tools. The trading strategy the algorithm will use is currently outpacing Bitcoins growth in sauvage Q1 2018 with an initial test investment of 1 btc in live market. Optitoken x Bitcoin in usd since november 2017 until today. Total usd: 17264.5913009, total btc:.762319, last update: 15:22:55 gmt1, our live portfolio. Coin Amount Value usd value btc type.

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