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Find certified asthma allergy friendly products on our certification program website or download our app on the App Store or google Play. What Is the Treatment for Pollen Allergy? Certain over-the-counter and prescription medicines may help reduce pollen allergy symptoms. Antihistamines come in pill, liquid or nasal spray form. They can relieve sneezing and itching in the nose and eyes. They also reduce a runny nose and, to a lesser extent, nasal stuffiness. Decongestants are available as pills, liquids, nasal sprays or drops. They help shrink the lining of the nasal passages and relieve nasal stuffiness. Use decongestant nose drops and sprays only on the short-term.

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Start taking allergy medicine before pollen season begins. Most allergy medicines work best when taken this way. This allows the medicine to prevent your vals body from releasing histamine and other chemicals that cause your symptoms. Bathe and shampoo your hair daily before going to bed. This will remove pollen from your hair and skin and keep it off your bedding. Wash bedding in hot, soapy water once a week.

Wear sunglasses and a hat. This will help keep pollen out of your eyes and off your hair. Limit close contact with pets that spend a lot of time outdoors. Change and wash clothes worn during outdoor activities. Dry your clothes in a clothes dryer, not on an outdoor line. Look for this mark to find products proven more suitable for people with asthma and allergies.

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Usually, the larger the wheal, the more likely you are to be allergic to the allergen. A positive spt to a particular pollen allergen does not necessarily mean that a person has an allergy. Health care providers must compare the skin test results with the time and place of a persons symptoms to see if they match. Specific IgE Blood Test, blood tests are helpful when people have a skin condition or are taking medicines that interfere with skin testing. They may also be used in children who may not tolerate skin testing. Your doctor will take a blood sample and send it to a laboratory.

The lab adds the allergen to your blood sample. Then they measure the amount of antibodies your blood produces to attack the allergens. This test is called Specific IgE (sIgE) Blood Testing. (This was previously and commonly referred to as rast or Immunocap testing.) As with skin testing, a positive blood test to an allergen does not necessarily mean that an allergen caused your symptoms. How Can i prevent an Allergic reaction to pollen? There are actions you can take to reduce allergic reactions to pollen: Limit your outdoor activities when pollen counts are high. This will lessen the amount of pollen allergen you inhale and reduce your symptoms. Keep windows closed during pollen season and use central air conditioning with. This applies to your home and to any vehicle (car, bus, train, etc.).

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How do doctors diagnose pollen Allergy? Doctors use two tests to diagnose a whitening pollen allergy. Skin Prick test (spt in prick/scratch testing, a nurse or doctor places a small drop of the laadt possible allergen on your skin. Then the nurse will lightly prick or scratch the spot with a needle through the drop. If you are allergic to the substance, you will develop redness, swelling and itching at the test site within 20 minutes. You may also see a wheal. A wheal is a raised, round area that looks like a hive.

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A pollen count is how much pollen is in the air. This is often reported during pollen season on local weather forecasts. Sometimes the main caudalie types of pollen are also reported. What Are the symptoms of Pollen Allergy? People with pollen allergies only have symptoms when the pollens they are allergic to are in the air. Symptoms include: runny nose and mucus production, sneezing, itchy nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Stuffy nose (nasal congestion red and watery eyes, swelling around the eyes.

These plants make small, light and dry pollen grains that travel by the wind. Grasses are the most common cause of allergy. Ragweed is a main cause of weed allergies. Other common sources of weed pollen include sagebrush, pigweed, lambs quarters and tumbleweed. Certain species of trees, español including birch, cedar and oak, also produce highly allergenic pollen. Plants fertilized by insects, like roses and some flowering trees, like cherry and pear trees, usually do not cause allergic rhinitis. What Is a pollen count?

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Pflichttext, cetirizin hexal bei allergien,10 mg Erwachsenen und Kindern ab einem Alter von 6 Jahren zur Linderung von Nasen- und Augensymptomen bei saisonaler und ganzjähriger allergischer Rhinitis und zur Linderung von chronischer idiopathischer Nesselsucht lactose. Zu risiken und Nebenwirkungen lesen sie die packungsbeilage und fragen sie ihren Arzt oder Apotheker! Mat.-Nr.: 2/51006911Stand: Januar 2014Hexal ag, 83607 Holzkirchen. What Is a pollen Allergy? Pollen is one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. Many people know pollen allergy as hay fever. Experts usually refer to pollen allergy as seasonal allergic rhinitis. Each spring, summer and iphone fall, plants release tiny pollen grains to fertilize other plants of the same species. Most of the pollens that cause allergic reactions come from trees, weeds and grasses.

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